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Multifunctional Cooking Spoon

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About this item

    This cooking spoon is tasteless, non-toxic and hygienic. Your all-in-one kitchen utensil for your culinary journey.

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL: can be used for cooking, draining, mashing and grating garlic. For example: to mash potatoes or beans. Works also great as a whisk.

      CREATIVE DESIGN: the bumps and holes on the bottom are specially designed for grinding and chopping meat and potatoes. It can also filter excess oil when you scoop your food from the pan.

        EASY TO CLEAN: just rinse it under the tap. Enjoy the taste and health benefits of garlic without the hassle of cleaning!

          SPACE-SAVING: hang it on the wall when you don't need it and keep your kitchen tidy.

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          High Quality Material

          We firmly believe in the power of food. Good kitchenware often gets you twice the result with half the effort.

          Easy to Clean and Store

          Crack an egg into the separating slots. Yolk and white will separate in 3 seconds!

          High Temperature Resistance

          Designed to save you time and effort! Get your all-in-one kitchen tool for your culinary journey.

          Non-toxic & Healthy

          Will revolutionize the way you cook your favorite dishes.

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          Multifunctional Cooking Spoon

          € 13.95 € 27.90 You save € 13.95 ( / )

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