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BabyLift™ - Say Goodbye to Back Pain

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Backed by Science to Help Parents Relieve Back Pain
 Invented and Approved by World's Greatest Orthopedists
Safety-Certified for Babies: 3-20kg or 8-44lbs (3-36 months)

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Are you tired of carrying your baby, especially when traveling? Do you often get back pain when doing so? BabyLift™ is just what you need!


The ergonomic design allows you to easily carry your baby without hurting your back, neck, shoulders, arms or wrists. The belt wraps tightly around your waist and provides a stool for your baby to rest on.


BabyLift™ allows you to distribute your baby's weight over your entire body, so you don't have to constantly move your baby in different positions to relieve muscle strain! Recognized by several doctors, allowing your baby's legs to rest on either side of the hip seat, prevents scoliosis and other future spinal problems in adulthood!


Gone are the days when you would had to strap and unstrap your baby to pick him/her up or down. BabyLift™ straps around your waist, not your baby, you can pick your baby up or down whenever you want.


Unlike other products, that require you to carry your newborn baby facing you or away from you, BabyLift™ lets you hold your baby however you want


BabyLift™ is made of non-toxic material and has no unpleasant odors. 100% polyester, medical grade silicone and shock absorbing EPP cushions will support your baby efficiently and effectively!


BabyLift™ is adjustable to fit any waist size (up to 47 inches or 119 cm), also snaps into place easily and only takes seconds to put on and take off. Can carry babies up to 20 kg or 44 pounds.


The storage bag allows you to conveniently store your belongings without the need for a backpack or diaper bag. It even has a convenient outside pocket for your cell phone.


Can I have the exact measurements please?


Size: 13.5 x 14 x 23 cm or 5,3 x 5,5 x 9,0 inches
Max carrying weight: 20kg or 44lbs
Suitable for babies between 3-36 months


Will this fit a larger waist?


We have some customers with larger waists and it fits just right. Please see the specifications above for more details.


Can you easily sit down and stand back up again while wearing it?


Yes, absolutely.

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BabyLift™ - Say Goodbye to Back Pain

€ 34.95 € 69.95 You save € 35.00 ( / )

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